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But then I kinda think it did have a sorta happy ending: Jamie did get to go to Venice after all. Aug 25, Maggie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I devoured this book.

I could not put my Kindle down and stayed up late to treasure this one. The authors excel at showing how and why Gregory Rutland would be able to rise up to become President of the United States.

This character seemed to be that wise-cracking and charming but somewhat slick guy that many woman would find attractive. I was also strongly reminded of Bill Clinton.

The only point of contention I have with this book is that while there is barely a glance passed between the couple, the affair has begun.

I wonder if Jamie had not been sent to his office and seen him in the midst of a panic attack if anything would have happened.

Was he faking this panic attack to seem more vulnerable? The whole beginning of the affair seems somewhat fast and muddled to me, but again maybe that just lends to the blurry speed with which everything occurs.

We seldom think about the families of the big names in scandals, news and the tabloids. However, this book shows that the families, though they may know nothing about what is going on, is just as under scrutiny and attack as the major players.

I guess it speaks for the growth that Jamie undergoes through the whole situation. The First Affair would have been perfect for the short vacation that I am about to take.

You will be done with it quickly but may wind up neglecting your family just to see what happens next.

I received a copy of this book in order to provide a review. Jan 19, April rated it really liked it. Wow, it was really good!

Jamie is totally and completely stupid, of course, but it's the kind of stupid that feels very realistic for a 21 year old girl. Characters that at first feel like they might be caricatures turn out 4.

Characters that at first feel like they might be caricatures turn out to be so much more real and complex than you'd imagined. Jamie's backstory contains secrets and surprises and even a shocker or two - but they feel organic and not forced.

The closest thing to a one dimensional character for me is the President himself Mostly what this book did is make me seriously rethink my attitudes and preconceptions about the Clinton-Lewinsky "affair" and realize again how quickly most of us were to place at least equal blame.

If you have a powerful married man in his 40s and a girl in her early 20s who works for him, who's the predator? That's not even throwing in the whole "most powerful man on the planet" mystique.

Yet, the girl becomes a national joke and the man is still universally respected and employed at high salaries. I'm not advocating anything here it just It made me examine not only my thoughts about this country and our media, but it made me take a good long look at myself.

Add that to a very enjoyable read and to me that's a darn good book. PS - Fellow "Scandal" fans: Oct 06, Jane Thomson rated it liked it.

I would have to agree with those on this comment list who feel that Jamie is a character who lacks maturity and insight.

However, I think that with maturity comes the wisdom of looking at the whole picture. There were so many times when the reader wanted to yell: Yet, she was young and her previous love affair had ended in disaster; her family life was close to being dysfunctional; her ability to I would have to agree with those on this comment list who feel that Jamie is a character who lacks maturity and insight.

Yet, she was young and her previous love affair had ended in disaster; her family life was close to being dysfunctional; her ability to make important decisions was far too dependent on the opinions of others.

She is a flawed human who desperately needs to feel loved The repercussions of her actions are widespread and painful.

I appreciate that the authors have made the reader cringe so often during the last half of the story. How totally humiliating such notoriety must be for those caught in such compromising situations.

Rather, for allowing themselves to indulge in such situations By the end, the reader feels that the young woman HAS grown and changed into an adult because of her experience.

There is a certain lack of fairness in the fact that a former president can still earn in the millions after such a travesty, but reality has shown us that this IS the case!

I would recommend this book to readers - especially for the second half. Aug 14, Nancy rated it liked it. He's having a panic attack; she's available; and a bit of groping ensues.

Jaime wants someone to love her — even like her — so it's heady stuff when the President wants to cuddle. I found the first half of this book uninteresting.

Jamie comes across as an immature character with a selfish outlook. The groping scenes with the President and her confession to her girl friends seem juvenile.

I couldn't see what interested him about her. The second half of the book was better. Interoffice politics and jealousy combine to bring the affair into the open.

The FBI and worse the newspapers get involved. It is fast paced and interesting enough to keep you reading.

The ending like the beginning is a disappointment. Everything is wrapped up neatly, but there isn't much character growth or even understanding of the situation.

I can't recommend this book unless you were fascinated by the Lewinsky scandal and want to revisit something close to it. The book, particularly the first half, is not particularly well written and the characters are stereotypes or, in the case of the President, flat.

I reviewed this book for Net Galley. May 17, Stacie rated it did not like it Shelves: I wanted to like this book. I've wanted to like all the author's books and yet I haven't.

Yet I keep reading them. Anyway, the story focuses on a young intern in DC during election season and the trouble she finds herself in when she has an affair with the President.

Mostly it was just a cautionary tale on why you don't get involved with married people, especially those in powerful places and I wanted to like this book.

Mostly it was just a cautionary tale on why you don't get involved with married people, especially those in powerful places and you never EVER know who you can trust with your deepest darkest secrets.

I didn't find any of the characters likeable but that's not really a complaint, just an observation.

The characters don't always need to be likeable for me to like a book but I think it may have helped this one along.

Received from Net Galley. May 27, Melanie rated it liked it. I enjoyed this book. It's like a pop song on the radio- kind of catchy, it grows on you, by the second chorus you're humming along, and by the end, you're flat out dancing in your car while driving down the road.

Many things about this book didn't come together in the beginning. The dialogue between characters and some of the scenes felt a little jarring, like strangely disjointed vignettes as opposed to a strung-together narrative, and the main characters arent worth getting too excited over.

B I enjoyed this book. But by the end, a surprising amount of depth found its way into the story and things that made little sense about the main character from the onset, suddenly became clearer.

A fun, summertime read. Not to be taken too seriously or you probably won't enjoy it. Jul 17, Isla rated it did not like it Shelves: May 17, Alexis rated it liked it.

Okay, so this book had a lot going on, but not a lot going on. I later discovered that two authors wrote this book.

It was not well put together to me.. The transitions from place, to place were not smooth; maybe due to the author collaboration, not sure.

I actually had to start over after the third or so chapter to try the book out again due to slight confusion.

Overall, I liked the book, there was a friendly small 'actiony' twist which was really cool. I grabbed this book at Okay, so this book had a lot going on, but not a lot going on.

I would recommend with a warning on the transitions. Jan 07, Sarah Marble rated it really liked it. This book is sort of awful and gross, but also relatable.

The protagonist is crazy in love. If it's happened to you, this book makes you feel like less of freak and more of one, because the person you got addicted to and went insane for was not the President of the United States, it was just some loser douche.

Aug 25, Liz Fenton rated it it was amazing. Sep 03, Kaley rated it liked it Shelves: Originally reviewed at Books Etc.

The novel was a good one and while I didn't love it as much as their others, it still had me frantically flipping pages so to speak to find out what would happen in the end.

The best thing about this book was the feeling of being behind the scenes o Originally reviewed at Books Etc. The best thing about this book was the feeling of being behind the scenes of a huge scandal.

Just as Kraus and McLaughlin's novel Between You and Me my review here made you think about what Britney Spears was going through during her breakdown, The First Affair put you in a position to really consider how Monica Lewinsky was feeling during the scandal with President Clinton.

It's easy to forget that what we hear in the media isn't just another fictional story. These books allow us to remember there's a real person behind the reports and lies.

I know I'm going to sound contradictory with my next statement. I love McLaughlin and Kraus's writing because it feels like I'm experiencing everything right along with the character.

The fact is, Jamie is having an affair with the President of the United States. That's some heavy stuff. Even a character having an affair with a regular married man could be hard to take but the things Jamie has to deal with, particularly at the end of the novel, are gut wrenching.

Though I sometimes felt emotionally uncomfortable while reading, I still think the authors did a great job of writing this story and the characters.

Even though you know what Jamie is doing is wrong and so, well, stupid, you still feel for her and you want her to be ok.

I have to point out that the novel wasn't all doom and gloom. There were several moments that had me laughing out loud, particularly about Jamie's age and current point in life.

Jamie's 21 and trying to enter an extremely brutal job market. When Greg asks her about how she ended up at the internship she replied: First I applied for every job in America.

Then I applied to every internship. Thinking about this, I suppose this line is really not all that funny but since I am in the same boat as Jamie though a few years older I can see the dark humour in it.

The next line, though, is one that I think everyone can find amusing. Jamie is talking to her mom about life and after asking a horrified Jamie if she's on the pill, her mom says: Political sex scandals just don't happen in Canada.

Seriously, I looked it up and there are hardly any and they do not reach the proportions of, say, Clinton and Lewinsky.

The most scandalous story I knew had to do with the wife of a Prime Minister fooling around with the Rolling Stones in the '70s.

I know it really doesn't matter that I'm Canadian and the characters are not but I couldn't shake the sense that I was reading it differently than an American would.

While the story of The First Affair was interesting, I struggled with making the connections for some issues I still have no idea what the deal was with Jamie's ex and the characters weren't particularly captivating.

I did like that I was able to be surprised by some characters' actions and motives. It explores an intense set of circumstances but allows for some lighthearted moments and does not shying away from the severity of the situation.

I didn't love this novel but that won't stop me from picking up their next book. Sep 19, Punk Farie rated it really liked it. She luckily landed an internship at the White House, which will at least look good on her resume.

She has no real plan besides possibly moving back home to live with mom and dad. During a government furlough, the interns are forced to work double time and closer to the President.

Having experienced panic attacks herself, she knows how to calm him down, so she does what any nice American citizen would do, and she helps him.

And he kisses her as a thank you. Can you turn him down? Not like Jamie wants to exactly, because she just wants someone to love her.

Jamie has a dysfunctional family. Her dad is an alcoholic; her sister is kinda mean and an alcoholic. Her mother is just Anyways, her first mistake is having an affair with a married President.

Her second is telling so many people about it. They never actually have sex but engage in sex acts and there are a couple Monica Lewinsky-ish things that happen with a coat and a shaving brush.

Eventually it all comes crashing down around her during the Presidents trial about him another woman. I actually really liked this book.

I hate cheating, I hate when cheating is justified in a book, and I really hate when the other woman knows about the wife. But there are no excuses in this book.

She just wants someone to pay attention to her and love her. Granted, she chose the wrong person but we all make mistakes, right? Once you figure out her back story you can kind of see why she would both make such a terrible decision involving a married man.

She comes to something of a realization. And of course Jaime also gets totally effed over; by the President, her supposed friends, the media, ex-boyfriends.

Jaime pays for her mistake with her future; such is life for a woman though. The President still gets to be President and Jaime gets labeled a whore.

That is commented on. I really enjoyed this book. Then maybe skip it. The story of the relationships that go on at the offices of "Glitter," a top entertainment magazine.

A young girl attending Harvard on a scholarship finds herself falling for the husband of her English professor. This movie was well presented for the time it came out -- a movie like this would not work today.

On a general note, from the title, you can tell what the scenario is going to be -- a college freshman accepts a job from her English professor babysitting for her two children.

She then meets her professor's husband, which awakens something in both of them -- they start looking at each other from the get-go.

He is then only too glad to drive her home when she babysits. Then they confess to each other how they really feel, which leads to a kiss, then another and another, and so on It goes through the usual highs, then the lows -- the excitement, then the heartaches.

One can learn from this movie of what an affair can do to a marriage. The one problem though was that he seemed to put himself in conspicuous places with her, i.

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Ich hatte mich vor 6 Jahren das erste mal bei First Affair angemeldet. Ich habe den Eindruck, dass die männlichen Nutzer deutlich schneller zum Treffen bereit sind, viele wollten mich sogar schon direkt am Abend nach dem ersten Kontakt sehen. Eine weitere Funktion ist die Telefonkonferenz, die dir ein schnelles Telefongespräch mit interessanten Menschen ermöglicht. Nun habe ich mich im Dezember wieder angemeldet und bin über den rüden sexistischen und niveaulosen Umgangston erschrocken. Wer konkret danach sucht, ist hier an der richtigen Adresse. Wer sich selbst und seine Vorlieben beschreibt kann damit das Interesse anderer wecken. Ich bin eine attraktive Frau, 44 Jahre und habe sehr gute Erfahrungen mit dem von mir gewünschten Alter Mann ab 50 plus gema Für eine nette Affäre hätte sich das ja vielleicht gelohnt, doch Bruno ist allein nach Hause gegangen, denn Nadine wollte nur gemeinsam etwas trinken.{/ITEM}


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